Snookered with Human Affairs


There are days when I need to take deep breaths. Not because I’ve been running up the stairs, no, it’s because I currently can’t breathe through my nose. Because of this I seem to be forgetting to breathe. It is fortunate I’m able to take these breaths, because without them, I’d be dead. When that happens all my troubles will be over. Including a cold that feels like it might kill me anyway (man flue). I really wish people could learn how to keep their germs, to themselves, hey ho.

Anyway, what of troubles? Troubles such as: How do I get to meet new people? How do I change my current lethargy toward everything except snooker?

Having said that, I can’t even watch Ronnie O’Sullivan, right now. Is he being particularly arrogant at the moment or is that just me? I do of course understand, if you’re not in the UK at the moment, you might not give a rats arse about snooker. Even if it was current in your country, you perhaps still wouldn’t care about snooker, but hold on, I do have a valid point to share.

O’Sullivan’s seeming arrogance is understandable.

As a world class snooker player, he feels it unnecessary, that he should be made to jump through hoops. In order to be in the tournaments he enjoys, O’Sullivan needs to play a lot of snooker; some of which he finds very unappealing. What he actually wants is to cherry pick. He want’s to choose who, where and when, he plays. He feels dictated to and would prefer greater control. It’s completely understandable. He wants something different.

It could be that to call O’Sullivan arrogant is uncalled for and it would be far better to call him assertive. He needs to assert his rights – as he sees them – as a world class player. You would think your choices open up the better you get at something. As we can clearly see though, this is not always the case, especially when up against established regimes, or controlling organisations and people. To challenge this we need to do something different.

It can be that the tendency is to just give up, turn around, and start swimming in the same direction as everyone else

Winning takes strength and incredible tenacity. When putting yourself up, against something well established, the same applies. Whether on a personal level – the need to question established beliefs and patterns of behaviour to manifest meaningful change – or within the bigger picture, persistence is key.

New Business

It’s a similar situation to starting a new business. If you’re small with a limited budget you may find yourself outbid when it comes to finding new customers. If every penny is very precious to you, competing in the normal way, will be impossible.

When we’re up against the big boys, we might end up feeling so beaten down by our efforts, that we become unwell.

If this is the case, it’s time to pause, and take stock. If what you’ve been doing isn’t working it’s time to do something different. The likes of O’Sullivan have suffered with their health in the past, and seeking to break away form being dictated to by the big boys in his business, is likely to prove tricky. He does currently have limited choices. You’ll excuse the pun when I say he looks snookered.

It would seem though that Ronnie O’Sullivan also understands, if he want’s to continue playing snooker, he’ll need to tow the line a little longer. After all, he has adequately proved his ability to get out of snookers, has he not?

With all of this considered, for myself and those interested, there is a small piece of advice I could offer. Stop taking any of this too seriously. When I take another deep breath (through my mouth), and look at the state of human affairs at the moment, I realise that no one else is. Swimming in the same direction as others, (or just treading water) at least until I feel well again, is probably okay.

Image Credit: Pixabay

What Would it Take?

“What would it take to help people understand, if the situation is bad to begin with, having children, will only make matters worse?”

And what if our understanding of the opposite sex, relationships and love, is also sketchy to begin with? How can we possibly expect to know if this person – we’re choosing to have sex with – is likely to make a good parent or not? How do we know if we’re going – quite literally – to be left holding the baby?

There is a golden rule that must be imparted to all young people: Only once you’re able to take full responsibility for yourself, should you have children. It’s obvious and yet it would seem the obvious escapes the minds of many young people. It’s no wonder the expression ‘snowflake generation’ has come about. What with their overblown sense of entitlement and lackadaisical attitude to life… blah, blah, blah.

You know what, none of this really matters, does it? The only thing that matters to the young is getting pissed, getting laid, and generally pissing everyone else off in the process. Or, to be more specific, it certainly is if you’re a young person, with no purpose, and no direction in life.

As a young man I might have been a fucking idiot but at least I was an idiot with a purpose: to empower another person. The person I loved. Without that drive I was nothing. I tried it once and my whole world fell apart. We all need someone to love; someone to empower. Without it we’re nothing.

Those might sound like dramatic words and yet there is a truth within them. In fact they might only be my beliefs, however, the point to pick up on here, is the purpose and direction they teach.

“When our young have no purpose and direction they are ships lost at sea with no sails, rudder, or engine. They are adrift and lost to us all”

The thing is, it’s not actually difficult to instill passion and purpose into a child’s mind. When you look closely at all the healthy, and dare I say it, wealthy people  in the world, what they have, is passion. From snooker players and physicists, to footballers and musicians, passion is the key.

If you want to keep children out of gangs, out of trouble, with the potential to live a long, healthy and wealthy life, find them passion, and do it quickly. It’s very, very easy. All you need do is understand the empowerment of love.

To Right The Wrong

He woke from the dream. A terrible night. In his dream people died, the oceans were full of plastic, and men shot rhino’s to cut off their horns. In his dreams people possessed each other. They owned each other. He saw it clearly: a woman wearing cloth over her face, as a man punched a fist into the air, the other hand holding a rifle. Just before waking, he’d been curled into a ball, hands protecting his face, as they’d beat and kicked him. He’d woken with a headache. Invalidated once again.


The people didn’t want him to right the wrongs it would seem. He was on his own again in this battlefield of games. The love holding him down, never setting him free. Their denial and confusion so pervasive.

Each morning, after waking from his dreams, he’d enter a world much worse. The dreams were nightmares for sure, and yet the real world, was no relief at all.

‘You’re just being maudlin again’ he reminded himself as he prepared for the day ahead.

He knew not to turn on the news, he knew the ‘hearing devices’ weren’t working. They weren’t making it sound any better. The mad hysteria and manic behaviour of the children he noticed, didn’t get any clearer with his ‘ears in,’ it just made it all the more obvious how insane they’d all become.

Men in their thirties and women in their fifties acting like they were five. He’d had more stimulation from the mind of a five year old. A five year old that wasn’t afraid that is. He enjoyed the will of this child as he understood its need. With a handicap – as such – of being young, naive and small, children’s compensatory-will was a beauty to behold and encourage.

When the adults played the same way it made him want to weep.  

The fear comes later you see. The pressure to conform, to work, to pay bills, to spend their lives doing what they hate; drinking to numb the horror of their wasted lives. A lifetime as a child.

‘That’s better!’ they’ll say, with a smack of the lips.

We all know what to do though: consume, consume, consume. There’s no one to show us how to be grown anymore. Those in charge are as the child. Juvenile leaders of the world. Just remember:

“My buttons bigger than yours”

“You cannot have if you do not pray”

There were those who thought relief for this man would come in death.

Running into the thunderstorm, powder washed from his face. So many think suicide a painless release from this waking hell. Though suicide would only add to the confusion, pain and guilt, of those left behind. Trapped. Trapped for now.

Besides, he knew all this suffering and violence, couldn’t be real, could it? He knew the troubles of the world couldn’t be as his dreams showed him, could they? He knew that humans couldn’t be so unaware, are they? So unaware of punching and kicking him everyday. He’d curl up in a ball, protecting his face, and die one day he knew.  


As night time comes around, the nightmares are here; headaches the following morning. Invalidating his illusions yet again.

The punches and kicks may be silent in dreams my friends, but they hurt, just the same.

Passion and Gentle Meanderings


“I think of time as being a little like money. We spend time and we spend money, and I realise, if we stop thinking about either one, we can lose track of them.”

Thinking and obsessing are two different things. If we obsess about either time or money we can end up using them inefficiently. If we worry about running out of time or worry about running out of money, potentially, this causes us to stop using them wisely. Like the wealthy landlord I see visiting charity shops, we might become miserly, or we might run around like headless chickens, thinking this will help us make the most of what we have. Both are wasteful. Ponder.

Examining time more closely, or what we focus on within our time to be more specific, helps us understand how the process of focusing on one goal, can have the effect of improving others we’ve become less conscious of.

For example, if your attention were focused on fixing up a house, it’s possible, this could help other aspects of your life run smoother; those things that are better run on autopilot. Things, that if constantly attended to on a conscious level, would actually fall apart. Letting go a little, often helps, rather than hinders.

Consider the lives of people who have passion. Passion that takes up much of their time and money. Does this passion improve their lives? Of course there is a fine line; some people have passions that are so all consuming, their home lives suffer as a result. So there must be balance.

The same goes with money. I considered how it might feel to win over one hundred million on the lottery. And I realised I really wouldn’t want the responsibility. It would remove so much of the challenge of life, to such an extent, that it may end up not being worth living at all. It may well end up ruining my life, as it would, and has, for so many others.

Too much time and/or too much money are likely to create more problems than they solve. If you were going to live forever, with all the money you could ever possibly spend, what would you do? You’d certainly need a passion, but then of course, you wouldn’t consider time or money as particularly important, would you? You wouldn’t if that passion were a wholesome one.

With this in mind, it’s important to remember: Once you’ve fixed up your house, you’ll then need to find a new one. Having said this, some houses, especially the older ones, do need constant love and attention.

Do you understand?